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Position paper for a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOs
The Food and Feed Chain Coalition (FFC) represents different parts of the food and feed chain whose members are directly impacted by EU policies related to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We fully agree with President Juncker that “Jobs, growth and investment will only return to Europe if we create the right regulatory environment and promote a climate of entrepreneurship and job creation. We must not stifle innovation and competitiveness with too prescriptive and too detailed regulations (…)”. This is also and especially true for agriculture and the food and feed chain. The EU’s stance on agricultural biotechnology is one of the most striking examples of the EU stifling innovation and competitiveness.

Agricultural biotechnology for feed and food production has been taken up rapidly by farmers in many parts of the world where they are given the choice and GM crops have become an important element in global food and feed supplies. Without a functioning and evidence-based EU policy on GMOs, the development and availability of innovative products for farmers as well as balance of the EU’s supply for food and feed uses is threatened and the reliability of the European food and feed chain is undermined. This translates into considerable additional commercial and legal risks for operators, higher costs for supplies and trade disruptions1. Furthermore, the precedent of allowing short term political considerations to take priority over scientific evidence represents one of the biggest disincentives for high technology sectors to invest in the EU.

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