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Food Federation Germany is an independent association, financed solely through its members’ contributions. As a result, Food Federation Germany's positions are always based on its members’ standpoints. This makes Food Federation Germany a powerful, effective representative of the German food sector – of the complete chain “from farm to fork“ –, both in Germany and at the European level.

Members of Food Federation Germany profit from their membership in many ways.

The association
  • provides fast, expert information about all aspects of food;
  • gives its members an active role in the work of its specialised committees – and thus in its work as an opinion-shaper;
  • provides support and concrete assistance in solving problems and dealing with issues pertaining to food law and food science;
  • represents its members’ interests as a respected discussion partner for governments and law-makers, at the national, European and international levels;
  • supports its members as a reliable partner in times of crisis;
  • holds events, and provides information and publications on current topics.


Are you interested in becoming a member? Please feel free to contact us. Our management will answer your questions in a personal consultation.

Contact person: Ms Angelika Mrohs (email)
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  • Sector

    Philipp Hengstenberg is president of new "Food Federation Germany"

    Philipp Hengstenberg is president of new "Food Federation Germany" The German Federation for Food Law and Food Science (BLL) will change its name to Food Federation Germany (Lebensmittelverband Deutschland). Philipp Hengstenberg was elected the association's new president.
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Press releases Press releases

  • Policy

    Economic effects of the coronavirus crisis: F2F Strategy and Green Deal requirements need to be reviewed

    Against the background of the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, Food Federation Germany will look in detail at the priorities and feasibility of the Farm to Fork Strategy.
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Positions Positions

  • Policy

    United for a Europe of diversity: our expectations towards the EU Institutions

    United for a Europe of diversity: our expectations towards the EU Institutions What does the German food sector expect from the Institutions and the Member States of the European Union in the legislative period until 2024? Have a look!
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Events Events

  • 02.09.2020

    ILWI-Grundlagenseminar zum Lebensmittelrecht 2020

    Das Grundlagenseminar gibt einen Überblick über die wichtigsten nationalen und europäischen Bestimmungen des Lebensmittelrechts.
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