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From A for agriculture to Z for zest
From agricultural producers to processors, from retailers to consultants: all types of businesses related to food production and sales are represented within Food Federation Germany. Our membership includes some 70 associations, 250 companies, and more than 150 personal and corporative members. Our members cover the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Food trades/craftsmen associations
  • Food industry
  • Food retailers
  • Suppliers
  • Packaging industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Private testing laboratories
  • Lawyer’s offices
  • Publishing companies

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Press releases Press releases

  • Policy

    Economic effects of the coronavirus crisis: F2F Strategy and Green Deal requirements need to be reviewed

    Against the background of the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, Food Federation Germany will look in detail at the priorities and feasibility of the Farm to Fork Strategy.
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Positions Positions

  • Packaging

    Position of the food industry on the notification of a German “Mineral oil ordinance”

    Notification of the draft German “Mineral oil ordinance” issued by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture provokes strong criticism from the German and European food and packaging sectors
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Events Events

  • 16.03.2021

    ILWI-Grundlagenseminar zum Lebensmittelrecht 2021

    Das Grundlagenseminar gibt einen Überblick über die wichtigsten nationalen und europäischen Bestimmungen des Lebensmittelrechts.
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