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Philipp Hengstenberg is president of new "Food Federation Germany"

New name, new president
Mittelständler Philipp Hengstenberg, Hengstenberg GmbH und Co. KG, ist neuer Präsident des Spitzenverbands der Lebensmittelwirtschaft BLL (zukünftig: Lebensmittelverband Deutschland). Zoom
The German Federation for Food Law and Food Science (Bund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde e. V. or BLL, for short) will change its name to Food Federation Germany (Lebensmittelverband Deutschland), after a decision taken today by the members at the association's general meeting. Philipp Hengstenberg, Managing Director Supply Chain for Hengstenberg GmbH and Co. KG, was elected the association's new president.

Environmental technologist Hengstenberg, 54, succeeds Stephan Nießner, member of the board of directors at Ferrero Deutschland GmbH, who has been president of the association since May 2014 and who did not stand for re-election as he has entered his well-deserved retirement.

A name that represents the strength of the association

In his farewell speech, Nießner summed up some of the highlights of his term and emphasized the need for the name change: "It was my goal to preserve and strengthen BLL's highly qualified legal and scientific expertise and focus on serving its members, while addressing the increasing media coverage and politicization of food-related issues. This included the need for a name that represents the strength of the association."

New self-image

In his inaugural address, incoming President Hengstenberg explained that the new name Lebensmittelverband Deutschland (Food Federation Germany) also represents a new self-image for the association: "It is no longer sufficient to make arguments and take actions only related to food law. For in addition to law and science, communication and discussions of values have long since become a part of the discourse."

Hengstenberg added: "The work of the association means being stronger together. We will use this new name to create even greater strength through working together. This does not necessarily mean that we always have to have the same opinion. The key is the acceptance and respect for the opinions of others." With a look ahead to his personal work for the association, Hengstenberg emphasized: "I want to preserve the tradition of this association. At the same time, I will also be a catalyst. I am convinced that we need to be more open to modern trends and therefore have to set a somewhat different course. Staying true to ourselves, but setting out in new directions. That's not a contradiction; that's a necessity."

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