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Tackling climate change in the light of the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis: Green Deal requirements need to be reviewed

Berlin, - Against the background of the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, Food Federation Germany (Lebensmittelverband Deutschland) will look in detail at the priorities and feasibility of the Farm to Fork Strategy which forms part of the European Green Deal and was presented by the European Commission today. In this context, Philipp Hengstenberg, Food Federation Germany’s President, describes the challenges members of the food value chain are currently facing: “Of course, the food industry’s central concern is producing food in a sustainable, resource-saving manner, as well as our social responsibility to people, animals and our shared environment. This makes it all the more necessary to have a goal-oriented discussion about the prioritisation and feasibility of individual aspects of the Farm to Fork Strategy. We have to take a close look at what is really important now in the context of the coronavirus crisis and, above all, how we can find a common European line that is shared by all Member States. In the face of globalised markets and the continued need to secure food chains, this is an essential prerequisite in attaining the strategy’s goals. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that securing food supplies in times of crisis is essential. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the industry’s employees, the food chain in Europe continued working almost without a hitch, despite major challenges such as closed borders and changing operational processes due to new safety and hygiene regulations. However, it should not be forgotten that the food industry, like many other branches of the economy, has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, be it due to the limited availability of raw materials and labour, longer delivery times due to closed borders, difficulties when delivering packages, or lack of sales channels for group catering or gastronomy. SMEs in particular will have to cope with the effects and after-effects of the crisis over the coming weeks and months. The economic situation needs to stabilise before potential additional burdens can be implemented in the shape of new requirements and regulations coming with the Green Deal.”

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