Sustainability and environment

Sustainability has established itself as the leitmotif of modernization. Its principles have become an indispensable part of modern economic life.

However, "sustainability" is often wrongly equated with ecological economics. But that does not go far enough. The notion of sustainability combines economic efficiency (economic pillar) with environmental responsibility (ecologic pillar) and social justice (social pillar). Only if these three components are in a balanced relationship, sustainability is really implemented. Another important aspect: sustainability is always a process, a development that needs to be sustainably implemented and managed.


  • Microplastics and food
    Current situation and FAQ
    Microplastics and food
    Food Federation Germany answers important and frequently asked questions about microplastics in the food context. More ...
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Press releases Press releases

  • Policy

    Economic effects of the coronavirus crisis: F2F Strategy and Green Deal requirements need to be reviewed

    Against the background of the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, Food Federation Germany will look in detail at the priorities and feasibility of the Farm to Fork Strategy.
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Positions Positions

  • Packaging

    Position of the food industry on the notification of a German “Mineral oil ordinance”

    Notification of the draft German “Mineral oil ordinance” issued by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture provokes strong criticism from the German and European food and packaging sectors
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Events Events

  • 20.01.2021 - 21.01.2021

    #ZukunftSchmeckt auf der IGW Digital 2021

    Die Grüne Woche findet 2021 als Digital-Event statt und wir sind natürlich mit dabei. Gemeinsam zeigen und diskutieren wir Ideen für die Zukunft der Ernährung und Lebensmittelproduktion.
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  • 22.09.2021

    ILWI-Grundlagenseminar zum Lebensmittelrecht 2021

    Das Grundlagenseminar gibt einen Überblick über die wichtigsten nationalen und europäischen Bestimmungen des Lebensmittelrechts.
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